Saturday, September 1, 2007

happy living through golf

People find happiness in many different ways. Some enjoy sailing and other enjoy cooking. I have found happy living through golf. I have played for years and am constantly on the lookout for the latest golf products or secrets. Keep watching this blog and I will provide my views and reviews of the latest golf products so you too can experience "happy living through golf"!


Anonymous said...

What the heck has happy living through golf got to do with a complaint free world????? beats me!! And is this a German blog going by the non English language under this posting box
"Sie k├Ânnen HTML-Tags verwenden,"

Imke said...

To each his own is what i say, and if golfing makes you happy then woo hoo! happy golfing. However I do think that golfing is not for all so chris, i understand.

Anonymous said...

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